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Credit Card Alternatives

The Best Credit Card Alternatives in 2023

Credit cards fulfill three primary functions: facilitating transactions, building credit, and providing a revolving credit account. The best credit cards also generate rewards that you can use to discount your purchases. For those who can’t get a credit card or don’t want one, we’ve put together a list of credit card alternatives that fulfill those

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Self Lender Review

Self Lender Review: Is It Worth Getting It In 2023?

Building your credit so you can secure those lower interest rates can be hard. Self (formerly Self Lender) is a company that looks to help people build credit through credit builder loans. This Self Lender review will tell you everything you need to know about the service. How Does Self Work? Self helps its customers

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Best Net Worth Tracker

The Best Net Worth Tracker in 2023

These net worth trackers calculate the value of your assets and liabilities.  Many of these companies offer free net worth tracking tools alongside their core product, which are usually budgeting tools or investment management.  So let’s dive in and take a look at five of the top net worth tracking tools on the market. The

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Best Virutal Credit Cards

The 10 Best Virtual Credit Cards in 2023

Virtual credit card numbers let you make online purchases without disclosing your card’s true account details, protecting you from fraud. They’re also easy to cancel and replace, giving you more power over when and how much merchants can charge you. We analyzed the best virtual credit cards in 2023 based on their capabilities, reward programs,

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How To Build Business Credit Without Using Personal Credit

How To Build Business Credit Without Using Personal Credit

A major step in any business is finding financing and that’s difficult to do without having business credit. One problem many business owners face is building business credit when their personal credit score isn’t great.  Lenders look for good personal credit scores to lower their risk when lending to new businesses. It might take some

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Apps for Landlords to Collect Rent

The 10 Best Apps for Landlords to Collect Rent

Collecting rent from tenants digitally through an app is not only convenient for them, but it also increases your odds of getting paid on time without needless headaches.  Here are the best property management apps for landlords to collect rent based on the landlord monthly fee, tenant processing fee, payment processing time, and other key

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Best Credit Card for Contractors

Best Credit Card for Contractors (Our Top 6 Choices)

It’s easy for contractors to run into cash flow issues.  But when used responsibly, the right credit card can keep things flowing as you move from one job to the next, and in some cases, build personal credit.  Here are the best credit cards for contractors based on APR, annual fees, rewards, and more. The

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Does a Debit Card Build Credit

Does a Debit Card Build Credit?

Do you pay for everything with cash or a debit card? If so, this is probably great for keeping your budget on track. Unfortunately, it also means you are not building credit history.  If you are only ever using cash or a debit card for purchases, then you likely have bad credit or no credit.

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Best Factoring Companies For Trucking

The 6 Best Factoring Companies For Trucking 2023

When you need cash to fuel your rig or to cover expenses, freight factoring provides quick access through selling your unpaid invoices. It’s a resource that could save you time on collections and speed up your cash flow.  We’ve done the research on the best trucking factoring companies so you can sign with one that

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