RentReporters Review

Rent Reporters Review

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Our Verdict

RentReporters is a well-established company that helps people build credit by reporting their rent payments to the credit bureaus. 

Their services are on the pricier side, but they do provide a lot of benefits which include free credit reports, credit experts, and more. They also offer a discount if you pay the monthly subscription fee annually instead of monthly. 

Even though their price point is much higher than their competitors, their support of up to 4 years worth of payment history and the pending addition of a 3rd credit bureau to their reporting service (Experian) make them stand out among similar rent reporting services. 

For those who are willing to trade price for a full package of features and a well-established company or those looking to maximize the impact rent reporting can have on their credit score, RentReporters service may be the way to go. 

Overview of RentReporters Services

Sign Up Fee$94.95
Monthly Fee$9.95/month subscription or $95.40 annually
Optional Add-On ServicesExtra landlord, expedited reporting
Reports ToTransUnion and Equifax, Experian coming soon
Length of Credit History ReportedUp to 2 years for a single property, and a max of 4 years in total
Refund Policy48hr refund request period
Resources OfferedFree credit report, credit experts, finance resources, discount for spouse/roommate

How Does RentReporters work?

RentReporters is a service that allows you to build credit by reporting your rent payment history to the credit bureaus. 

Traditionally, rental payment history as well as utility bills and other bill payments don’t appear on your credit reports unless you’ve made late payments (30+ days late).

But by working in conjunction with your landlord(s) or property manager to verify your on-time rent payments, RentReporters can add your rental payment history to your credit reports via a rental tradeline alongside other credit payments (i.e. credit cards or auto loans). 

This rental payment data helps you build the payment history portion of your credit score as well as boost your length of credit history. 

This rental data tradeline helps many of their clients achieve a credit score increase of 40 points or more, allowing them to quickly turn poor credit into good credit. (Also see our Does Rent Affect Credit Score? article.)

Pros of Using RentReporters:

There are several rent reporting services on the market, but there are certain areas where RentReporters has used their longevity to craft a service that best benefits customers looking to fix bad credit.

Add Up To 4 Years of Rental History

One of the key benefits of the RentReporters service is their support of rent payment history up to 4 years in the past. 

Once you sign up for the service, RentReporters will contact your landlord to verify your past payment history, up to 2 years worth. Once verified, this information will be reported to Equifax and TransUnion. 

For a small fee, you can then add a previous landlord to your account to have an additional 2 years worth of payment history reported. 

This 4 years of history bit will help you build the payment history portion of your score as well as potentially boost your average age of account and improve the length of credit history portion of your credit score. 

If you have moved several times in the last 4 years, you can still get your rental history reported, but you’ll need to pay an extra fee for each of the previous landlords you wish to add to your account. Also see our Rental Kharma Review.

Automate Rent Reporting Using RentCheck

Normally, your rent history is verified via your landlord. But RentReporters offers the RentCheck service, which verifies your payment history using your bank account instead. 

So no need to contact your landlord. 

This is great news for those with landlords that are notoriously difficult to get into contact with or that are unwilling to work with you to get your rent history reported. 

When signing up for the RentReporters service, you’ll have the option to enroll with RentCheck. The process will require that you link your RentReporters account to the bank account that you pay your rent out of. 

RentCheck will then be able to pull your past rent payment history and will use this account to verify your future on-time rent payments. 

And if you change bank accounts, you can contact RentReporters at any time to have it updated.  

It is important to note that if RentCheck is unable to verify your rent payments through your linked bank account, they will need to contact your landlord for verification.  If you’d like to see more options for reporting your rent, also check out our Rent Reporting Services article.

Cons of Using RentReporters

While there are many advantages to using the RentReporters service, there are a few key areas where this service does not match up to its competitors nor its customer’s expectations.

High Costs

RentReporters has one of the highest signup fees when compared to their competitors.

The initial signup fee will set you back $94.95. This helps get your previous payment history sent to the credit bureaus. 

Additionally, you’ll need to choose one of two subscription plans. The monthly plan will cost you $9.95 a month. This subscription allows your rent payments to be continually reported to the credit bureaus. 

You’ll also get access to updated credit reports, financial experts, and other financial resources and tools. 

Their second subscription service is charged annually at $95.40, which comes out to a monthly price of $7.95. This subscription comes with all the same features of the monthly plan, with the added bonus of VIP expedited reporting (3-5 days) which normally costs $25.  

If you are looking for a way to save some money on the signup fee, they do offer a discount of $50 off for the spouse or roommate of an existing account holder. 

Poor Refund Policy 

While RentReporters offers a full refund if you are dissatisfied with their service, they only give you 48 hours after your information hits the credit bureaus to request one. 

This short period of time means that if you are not actively watching your credit report every single day, you could miss out on requesting a refund if you are unhappy with the results. 

It especially gets complicated when verification takes a while. Watching your credit report every single day for weeks can get time-consuming. 

And if reporting through one credit bureau comes through days or even weeks before the other one, the 48-hour timer starts with the first one. So by the time you get the full picture of how your credit report has changed, you are well past the refund window. 

Additionally, RentReporters is not as forthcoming on the information they provide upfront on whether or not you qualify and what circumstances can slow down or halt the verification process. 

That said, RentReporters is very responsive to BBB complaints from customers requesting refunds. 

Just keep in mind that once your refund is processed, all reported rent payment information will be pulled from your credit reports. 

Eligibility to Apply for RentReporters

Most individuals will qualify for the RentReporters service. Whether you are living in a large apartment complex or renting a spare room from a friend, the RentReporters service can be used to improve your credit score. 

In order to qualify for the service, there is some basic information that you and your landlord will need to provide. 

You’ll need to be able to provide verification of your identity as well as your landlord’s contact information. 

RentReporters will then contact your landlord to verify payment history. Depending on how your rental agreement is structured, RentReporters may need additional information from your landlord. 

This could include copies of the lease, copies of the deed, etc. This information is necessary to meet the major credit bureaus reporting standards. 

You are not eligible for the service if you live in a commercial or mixed (commercial and residential) building. You also cannot double-dip in reporting mortgage payments as rent.  


Is RentReporters Legit?

Yes, RentReporters is a legitimate California-based company that helps renters improve their credit scores through the reporting of on-time rent payments. 

They work with you as well as your landlord to verify your rent payment history and submit this information to the TransUnion and Equifax credit bureaus.
And while they estimate that you could see a credit score increase of 40 points, they acknowledge that they are not in charge of FICO algorithms and cannot guarantee what kind of score change you will experience.  

The RentReporters company has been helping people improve their credit since 2012. 

They received accreditation in 2013 and currently have a B+ rating with Better Business Bureau (BBB).

They also offer many customer testimonials on their website and have positive reviews on the BBB website, Google, and Facebook.

How Much Will RentReporters Help Improve My Score?

RentReporters currently sees their customers experience a credit score of 40 points on average. 

How much RentReporters will increase your individual score depends on a variety of factors. 

RentReporters themselves say the following about the potential of their service to improve your credit score:
“While we would love to be able to predict a specific score we simply can’t because the scoring algorithm the bureaus use is proprietary and not available to us.”

RentReporters also backs up credit score improvement claims with a money-back guarantee. If you are unhappy with the change to your credit score, you can contact them to receive a full refund within 48 hours of your rent information being reported. 

It is important to note that the process for verification of your rental history may take several days to several weeks (depending on the information they need to verify) and once verified, it will take several days for the information to be sent to and appear on your credit reports.

Who Does RentReporters Report To?

Currently, RentReporters reports to 2 of the 3 major credit bureaus: Equifax and TransUnion. 

RentReporters will send information on your payment history to both credit bureaus and send ongoing payment records to each credit bureau for as long as you maintain their subscription service. 

RentReporters is also in the process of setting up reporting to Experian as well. They have already revised their terms of service but have not yet released a date on when customers can expect to see Experian credit report updates added to their reporting service. 

And RentReporters will not be charging their existing customers any additional fees for reporting to Experian.

How Much Does RentReporters Cost?

RentReporters is not the cheapest rent reporting service on the market. Their initial signup fee is $94.95. And their ongoing subscription plans are either $9.95 a month or $7.95 a month (when paid annually). 

This means that for your first year of service, you’ll need to pay between $190.35 and $214.35. Unless you are able to use the $50 off discount for spouses and roommates of an existing account holder. 

There are also additional fees for optional services. These include: 
1. $50 for each extra landlord added to your account
2. $25 for VIP expedited reporting (included free in the annual plan)

You can cancel your subscription at any time, and if you are not happy with the improvement to your credit score, you can request a refund within 48 of your initial payment history being reported.  

And if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative that does report to all three credit bureaus, check out BoomPay.

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  1. This company is a scam!! They charged our clients but never performed the verification..3 weeks in and still no phone or email to landlord. when contacted for a refund, they refused..

    1. Hi Mike, I’m sorry to hear about your bad experience with them. They are definitely not a scam. Feel free to contact them again or take it to the BBB.

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