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Nav Review

Nav Review – Is it Legit?

In simple terms, Nav is a financial tech company that helps small businesses get the financing they need. Their official mission is “to reduce the death rate of small businesses.”  To accomplish that goal, Nav gives business owners insight into their various credit scores, helps organize their finances, and directs them to lenders that might

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How To Read A Credit Report

How To Read A Credit Report: The Complete Guide

Credit reports are usually very confusing to read! Our guide is the only one on the internet that breaks it down step-by-step. Thus making it easier for you to understand your credit report and use it to your advantage.  Each Credit Bureau’s Report Is Different At first glance, comparing your credit reports from the three

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Does Paying Utilities Build Credit

Does Paying Utilities Build Credit?

Paying your utilities can help you build credit, but only if you are using a utility reporting service. Only loans and revolving credit lines are automatically reported to the credit bureaus.  Utilities, rent, subscriptions, and more are not reported unless late payments are sent to a collection agency.  There are third party companies that can

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