The 9 Best Credit Repair Software Compared of 2024 (Including Free & Business Options)

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Best Credit Repair Software

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Each credit repair software has its strengths. Some are great at producing letter templates and tracking disputes. Others do the dispute for you and help you monitor your credit for any problems that come up later. 

You may even be asking yourself, “do credit repair companies work?

We’ll help you by reviewing the best credit repair software out there by assessing their strengths, opportunities, and why you should trust them to fix your credit. Ultimately, the best credit repair software is the one that fits your needs. 

Note: Most of these credit repair softwares are for individuals looking to fix their credit, but some are for businesses that do credit repair services.

Best Credit Repair Software

The Best Credit Repair Software Compared

BrandFor Who?Lowest Price
Dovly: Best OverallIndividualsFree
SmartCredit: Best Alternative Credit RepairIndividuals$29.95/mo
Credit Repair Cloud: Best for New BusinessesBusinesses$159/mo
Credit Detailer: Best for Established BusinessesIndividuals & Businesses$399
Credit VersioIndividuals$19.95/mo
DisputeBeeIndividuals & Businesses$39/mo
The Personal Credit BuilderIndividuals$199.97
Credit Repair MagicIndividuals$97

Dovly: Best Overall

Dovly is a personal credit repair software that caters to individuals looking to fix their credit. Their stats are impressive with 92% of their clients reporting improvement in their credit scores. They also boast a 69-point average increase in six months or less. That’s outstanding!

Customer reviews typically sing praises about Dovly as well. Although, a common concern is their dispute algorithm. It only allows three disputes each month. To their defense, Dovly has done their own research and found that three per month is what gets the best results. 

Out of all the software options mentioned here, they’re the only one with an entirely free option – no credit card is required and it’s not a limited-time offer. It’s not nearly as robust as their paid version, but it’s still helpful. 

Dovly’s free version offers one TransUnion dispute per month. It also gives you a TransUnion Credit summary report every 30 days. But, what about the other credit bureaus? For that, you’ll need to sign up for Dovly’s Premium service. At $39.99 a month, you’ll get:

  • Credit reports from all three credit bureaus (updated every 30 days).
  • Up to three disputes to all three credit bureaus each month
  • Credit monitoring
  • Live customer support
  • Encrypted security features
  • Identity theft monitoring for all three bureaus

They do have a version between free and premium called Essential, which goes for $9.99 a month. Honestly, it’s worth springing for the premium version. Why? Because Essential only gives you credit reports from TransUnion and only does TransUnion disputes. 

If you’re serious about fixing your credit, you have to work with all three credit bureaus. Not just one. If you go with the six months that it takes most people to improve their scores with Dovly you’d come in at about $240 total. That’s on the low side for credit repair software. 

Overall, Dovly is a good buy. For a more extensive, in depth review on Dovly, check out our Dovly Review article for more information.

Try Dovly

SmartCredit: Best Alternative Credit Repair

SmartCredit is more than credit repair software. It’s several services rolled into one. Other credit repair services on this list only focus on one or two things–tracking your disputes or creating dispute letters. 

SmartCredit takes a different approach. 

Instead of creating your letters and managing disputes, they help you fix your credit by showing you exactly which actions to take within the next 120 days. Their patented ScoreBuilder goes beyond just filing disputes. 

You’ll see personalized action buttons for each negative item on your credit report. It’s like having your own credit repair specialist. They even guide you through the suggested actions with helpful guides and videos. 

In addition to the ScoreBuilder, they include ScoreBoost to simulate your credit score when taking certain actions. You’ll also have access to credit monitoring with the ScoreTracker which shows your credit score history and progress with all three credit bureaus. 

With these features, you can improve your credit without filing a dispute. The best thing about SmartCredit is being able to manage your credit repair from one place. Their pricing is reasonable at $29.95 per month and you can cancel at any time.

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Credit Repair Cloud: Best for New Businesses

This one is for business owners. Credit Repair Cloud is a professional credit repair software designed to help people start their own credit repair business. Credit Repair Cloud promises to help you change lives and leave your 9-5 job by starting your own credit repair business. 

The reviews on Trustpilot are phenomenal at 4.9 out of five stars, which means plenty of happy customers. There are different pricing tiers based on what you want to achieve. All of which include core features of: 

  • Importing credit reports
  • Credit repair training
  • A dispute letter library with over 100 letters
  • Web hosting free for two months
  • Batch printing
  • Integration with Zapier
  • Client portal 
  • Automated credit disputing

The lowest package starts at $179 a month, which is discounted by 20% when you sign up for an annual plan. It comes with: 

  • Unlimited storage
  • Access for up to three team members
  • Unlimited affiliates
  • Up to 300 clients

A pivotal piece of Credit Repair Cloud’s appeal is the amount of support and training available to you. If you have questions about the process or need support, there’s an online community of over 26,000 people who might be able to help. 

Video training, podcasts, daily live software training, and other educational resources give you everything you need to learn about credit repair.

They also provide a free 30-day trial with full functionality so you can test it out, minus the risk of a long-term commitment. If you’d like to know more about credit building apps, check out our Best Credit Building Apps article for more information.

Try Credit Repair Cloud

Credit Versio 

Similar to Dovly, Credit Versio is a personal credit software powered by AI. It aims to help people repair bad credit from anywhere. Credit Versio’s customers are pleased enough to rate them a 4.5 out of five stars on Trustpilot. 

Credit Versio is technically free. However, to import your credit reports you’ll need a SmartCredit or IdentityIQ account. If you already have one, it’s no sweat off your brow, but if you don’t, it’ll cost about $20-$30 a month to open an account. 

Once you import your credit reports, the AI quickly reads through the reports from all three credit bureaus and assesses the damage. Color-coding positive items in green and negative items in red for an easy glance at your credit profile. 

Based on the information in your credit reports, it suggests an intelligent dispute reason that plugs directly into their premade dispute letters. Simply download it from your email, print it, and mail it off. 

Even if you have to correspond with the credit agencies multiple times, Credit Versio tracks your dispute progress and updates all three of your credit scores and reports monthly. 

Here are some of the other things I like about Credit Versio: 

  • Unlimited disputes
  • Monthly credit monitoring
  • Access to virtual sessions with a credit coach
  • Video tutorials, blogs, and other educational resources

If you’d like to work with a credit repair company that might be located in your area, check out our articles on Credit Repair Companies in El Paso, Texas or Credit Repair Companies in Las Vegas if you live in one of those locations.

You don’t have to become a credit repair expert or spend hours writing letters and tracking disputes on a makeshift excel spreadsheet. Credit Versio makes it easy to repair credit from your desktop or smartphone. 

Try Credit Versio


DisputeBee’s credit repair software approaches things a bit differently. First, they offer plans for individuals and credit repair businesses. Secondly, they have an online portal that helps you produce dispute letters to send out on your own. Here’s how it works: 

  1. You import your credit report from another source.
  2. Select the items you want to dispute.
  3. Click a few buttons to transfer your information to a dispute letter template.
  4. Download the completed template, print it out, and mail it off. 
  5. After you get a response, you upload the info to DisputeBee.

The main benefits of using DisputeBee are access to an online portal to track and status each dispute you send out. It provides you with template letters for various types of disputes along with response templates that utilize information from the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). 

With DisputeBee you have the option to dispute credit information with the furnisher as well as the credit bureaus. If you’re just getting started with repairing your credit, they also have training available to show you the ropes and make the most out of your subscription. 

Now, let’s talk about price.

For individuals, DisputeBee costs $39 a month. Business accounts are $99 monthly. As far as credit repair software goes, that’s pretty standard. 

Personal credit repair users get:

  • Dispute letter templates
  • Support across all three credit bureaus
  • Dispute tracker
  • Letter suggester
  • Ability to import your credit report

Business users get more bang for their buck with some extra features, plus the ones already mentioned: 

  • Unlimited team members
  • Unlimited clients
  • Bulk letter generator and printing
  • Custom letter templates
  • An online client portal
  • Client billing and e-contract integration 

It is possible to recover after having a bad credit score and making bad credit decisions, check out our article, How to Get an 800 Credit Score After Bankruptcy, for how to do so in addition to this company.

In the future, DisputeBee is planning to offer educational credit information as well as the ability to dispute tax liens. For consumers who want to use the same technology as credit repair services, this one is a good option. 

Try DisputeBee

The Personal Credit Builder

The Personal Credit Builder repair software makes a few bold claims on its website. One of them is that their customers see results within 30 days. Much shorter than the credit repair industry average, but okay. Another is that they can remove accurate negative information. 

I’m sorry, what?

Just so you know, you’re not supposed to be able to remove accurate negative information from your credit report. The only legal way that happens is if the credit bureau doesn’t respond in time – and that’s rare. 

Wild claims aside, they do offer a windows-based credit repair software that automatically assigns dispute letters to each negative item on your credit report. You can import your credit reports from,,, and

From there, Personal Credit Builder software analyzes your credit reports and assigns a dispute letter automatically. Just download the letters, print them out, and mail them. All in all the process seems easy with three steps and very simple navigation. 

This is probably the only software on this list that doesn’t offer a refund for their product. No free trial either. The $199.97 one-time payment allows you to use the software for 18 months, making it one of the most cost-effective because it breaks down to $11 per month.

Credit repair for up to three users makes this one stand out. Since there’s no free trial period like other options, you’ve lost $200 if you don’t like it. Like most credit repair services listed here, they don’t have a customer support phone number. It’s email only. 

Try The Personal Credit Builder


TurnScor is another software that offers a tracking system and dispute letter generator. When you log in to the virtual portal, you’re met with a simple auto-themed dashboard view to manage and organize your credit profile.

TurnScor is priced very competitively at a $159 annual fee. That grants you access to abundant educational resources, like video and e-book training on the credit repair process. They’re clearly focused on helping their clients create lasting results with their credit. 

Their system reflects that. Automated email reminders prompt you to stay on pace with improving your credit scores. Making your time and attention essential to staying on track. 

This isn’t for people searching for a quick fix. TurnScor is for the ones who want to understand their credit and what steps to take to repair it. TurnScor doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of its higher-priced competitors. However, they still maintain good functionality and ease of use.

Try TurnScor

Credit Repair Magic

An oldy, but goody – Credit Repair Magic is a repair software that’s been in the credit repair industry since 1994. It costs a flat fee of $97 one time and you have access to the software for life. If you try it and don’t like it, there’s a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Credit Repair Magic touts its use of unprofessional dispute letters to gain success for its clients. It helps you keep track of the disputes you’ve started with an automated tracker that sends you email reminders of what’s next on your to-do list.  

You’ll still have to print and mail your letters, so there’s a little legwork required on your part. They aren’t leaving you high and dry in terms of training either. Multiple ways to learn are provided. Video tutorials, audio programs, videos, and e-books are all there to help you learn.

Other cool features include:

  • Free automatic software upgrades for life
  • Simple point-and-click navigation
  • Add family and friends for free

If you have any questions about how to use the software, you’ll have to get them to Credit Repair Magic by email within the first 60 days. After that, questions are answered on a discretionary basis. 

This one might be a bit older without the sleek shiny interface, but overall it’s a great option. 

Try Credit Repair Magic

Credit Detailer: Best for Established Businesses

CreditDetailer works with both individuals and businesses. Their bundle packages run the gambit from personal edition bundles starting at $399 to professional full-company set-ups costing $6,000. Those are some hefty prices, but it gets you lifetime access to the software.

If you’re a business owner in the credit repair industry, the opportunity to pay once for full access is great news. Their repair process is automated from identifying the errors to filling out letter templates. Automatic progress tracking keeps tabs on creditor response times.  

The personal edition of their software lets you fix credit for two people and comes with a 60-minute credit coaching session. Pair that with a toolbox full of educational support and comprehensive tools like credit reporting from all three credit bureaus and it’s a great deal. 

A huge plus about Credit Detailer is that it’s the only bilingual credit repair software. Even their customer service has a Spanish option. 

Credit Detailer has been noted as having a difficult interface to navigate, which can be frustrating if you’re also a credit repair newbie. Luckily, there’s a free seven-day trial to test it out before you commit to a purchase. Plus a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you don’t like it.

Try Credit Detailer


ScoreCEO was developed for entrepreneurs who run a credit repair business. They draw you in with a tempting 30-day free trial that doesn’t require any credit card information. Only to win you over with some of the best credit repair service features.

You get to run your credit repair business in a way that makes sense for you. The option to outsource disputes or process them in-house gives you flexibility. Meanwhile, automated client workflows and sales pipelines make it easier to manage each client’s profile. 

Outside of their free plan, they also offer $129, $179, and $299 monthly plans to easily scale your credit repair business. The basic package includes:

  • Customer Portal
  • Importing credit reports
  • Web integrations
  • 2 users, and up to 50 customers
  • DIY videos and training
  • 2 GB of storage
  • Email and chat support

Overall, it’s a great value for the number of features and benefits you get.

Try ScoreCEO

Do Credit Repair Companies Really Work?

Credit repair companies work when you do. All of the options listed here require you to put in some time and effort for them to actually work. If you let it slide or forget about your credit repair goals, they won’t do it for you. Although most of them will at least send you reminders!

Sure, you could visit the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) website and use the how-to guides to learn the ins and outs of credit repair, but why should you? The tools are already there and some of them are free.

Repairing your credit requires patience. At a minimum, it takes people four to six months to see solid improvement in their credit scores after working with a credit repair company. It might take longer if your credit reports are more complex. 

It’s hard to say which disputes will get accepted or thrown out. So a credit repair business can’t promise results. If they’re following the rules set by the Credit Repair Organizations Act (CROA), you’ll at least walk away with a better understanding of your credit. 

The best credit repair company is the one that has the features, pricing, and interface that you want for your credit journey. So make a list of the things you want in a credit repair company. 

Whether you’re looking to fix your own credit or start your own credit repair agency, there’s credit repair software that fits you.  

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