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Digital Honey is my personal and small business finance blog. Since I have a lot of expertise in credit, we talk a lot about how to build credit, both personally and for business owners. 

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About Me

My name is Garit Boothe, and I’m a “money nerd”. My wife and I have two little kids, and we live in the Salt Lake City area in Utah.

My “day job” is running my SEO consulting business. I’ve been full-time freelancing since August 2020. Before that, I worked for a local FinTech company, Nav, in the credit niche. 

Nav required me to become a Certified Lending and Credit Specialist. While I worked there, I took another course in how to build credit and applied what I learned by fixing my own credit.

My credit scores went from the low 500s to the 800s! My team of writers and I teach people how to do that here. 

My interest in finance started in college, when I studied economics at The George Washington University and a read a ton of personal finance books in the proceeding few years.

I spoke at FinCon in 2021 and appear as a guest on finance podcasts and blogs. Feel free to connect anytime!

What’s more, I’ve had a lot of ups and downs as an adult. My 20s went like this:

  • Dropped out of college
  • Worked low-paying, crappy jobs for years. These included pizza delivery driving (my favorite), commissioned sales (miserable work), and as a bank teller (boring) 
  • Job-hopped and apartment-hopped for years
  • Did a lot of weird side gigs too, like flipping furniture and political canvassing 
  • Made stupid, impetuous choices
  • After my wife gave birth to our first child, I chose to become more responsible
  • Got better-paying jobs after that, but the corporate world sucked my soul
  • Am now in the entrepreneurial hustle, after having failed at several businesses before

Has any of this happened in your life too?

If you answered yes, that’s great. It means that we’re both humans. 

It doesn’t matter where you’ve been. It matters where you’re going. 

I’ve learned a lot in the process, and hope to share it with you. 

To our shared journey.


-Garit L Boothe