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We review the best products in credit building and personal finance.

CreditStrong Business Credit Review

CreditStrong Business Credit Review

CreditStrong is an online lender that provides credit builder loans to consumers and businesses. Their business accounts help companies with limited or bad credit establish a positive financial tradeline and improve their credit scores. If you’re considering using a credit builder loan to work towards good business credit, our CreditStrong review will tell you everything …

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Credit Strong vs Self

Credit Strong vs Self: Which One Is Better For You?

Credit-builder loans are an increasingly popular product, and the competition for market share is fierce, but there are significant discrepancies between even the top contenders. We studied two of the most popular credit-builder lenders on the market today; Credit Strong and Self (formerly Self Lender), and put them head to head. Here’s how they compare. …

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Extra Debit Card Review

Extra Debit Card Review

When you pay for everything in cash or with a debit card, it can be hard to build credit. After all, to build credit, you usually need to obtain debt.  But the Extra debit card is different. This debit card works like a credit card in that it reports your payment activity to the credit …

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Is Experian Boost Worth It

Is Experian Boost Worth It?

Our verdict: Experian Boost is worth it if you have bad credit or a thin credit profile. It’s free and quick, and the average user sees a 13 credit score point boost. Try Experian If you are looking to improve your credit, you may have stumbled across Experian Boost and their memorable purple cow ads. …

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Rental Kharma Review

Rental Kharma Review

Our Verdict Rental Kharma is a rent reporting service that allows you to customize your package to your needs.  If you live alone and you’ve only been renting for a few months, then there is no need to pay for services you don’t need. But if you do want to add renters or additional payment …

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