Amanda Garland

Amanda Garland is a personal finance blogger living in Dallas, TX. 10 years ago she was living paycheck to paycheck and knew nothing about how credit works. She learned some hard lessons in her fight for financial stability. Now she has a friendly competition going with her husband to see who can reach a credit score of 850 first. She is also a poet, having obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing.

Once Something is Removed from My Credit Report, Can it Be Put Back On

Once Something is Removed from My Credit Report, Can it Be Put Back On?

Have you been anxiously waiting for a negative collection account to fall off your report? Or for a successful dispute to delete incorrect information due to identity theft that is damaging your credit score?  If you have, it can be a huge relief once that account or debt finally disappears off your credit reports. But, …

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Best Credit Builder Program

Best Credit Builder Programs

What is good credit? Score-wise, the experts say it is 670 and above. This makes for a great goal, but how do you get there? Ideally, to achieve a good credit profile and score, a balance of 3 revolving credit accounts (i.e. credit cards) and 1 installment account (personal loan, auto loan, etc.) is the …

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Self Lender Complaints

Self Lender Complaints

Self Financial offers a credit building program to their clients that is meant to help them achieve their financial goals. But problems with credit do not have a one-size-fits-all solution. Despite thousands of happy customers, some of their clients have been less than happy with their credit builder account or secured credit card. And they …

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Self Lender Competitors

Self Competitors

Self Financial out of Austin, TX is well known for its credit builder loan product because it is easy to get and requires no minimum credit score. But with their limitations on loan value and repayment terms, their product may not be the best fit for every situation. So let’s take a look at some …

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Self Credit Card Review

Self Credit Card Review

The Self Visa Credit Card is a great secured credit card for current Self customers. Unlike other secured credit cards, it allows you to get started without much money upfront. But it lacks some of the good features that other secured credit cards have. We’ll break it down below. How You Start With Self Credit …

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