Author: Seychelle Thomas

DIY credit repair

The 9 Steps of DIY Credit Repair

Fixing your credit on your own is a big undertaking. It can quickly become an overwhelming process when considering all of the dispute letters, correspondence, and tracking. The more complex your credit situation is, the more time you’ll have to dedicate to fixing it.  Many people confuse the terms “credit repair” with “credit building”. It’s

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Small Business Loans in Virginia

Small Business Loans in Virginia 2023 [By Loan Volume]

Virginia’s small businesses are the driving force behind the commonwealth’s economy. Employing over 1.6 million people, small businesses contributed to 91.5% of all the new job openings added to Virginia’s workforce in 2021.  Financial support enables continued growth and expansion of small businesses. Local banks and credit unions are solid options. Nationwide banks also have

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Bizarre Inventions That Never Took Off

13 Bizarre Inventions That Never Took Off

Without inventions, we wouldn’t have many of the modern luxuries we have today. But not all inventions are major wins like cellphones, stoplights, or washing machines. Many more are in the category of absurd inventions that fell short of success. 1. Baby Window Cage In the 1930s, doctors suggested that infants needed to get fresh

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Did You Know There Are More Than 10 Credit Scores

Did You Know There Are More Than 10 Credit Scores?

How many types of credit scores are there? If you said one, you’d be wrong. If you said three, you’d still be wrong. There are actually more than 10 credit scores! Each one is used to estimate your creditworthiness within certain industries and situations. 1. VantageScore 3.0 VantageScore 3.0 is a joint effort developed by

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Terrifying Examples of Credit Card Fraud

9 Terrifying Examples of Credit Card Fraud That You Need to Hear

In 2021, The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) reported an astronomical spike of over 70% in fraud compared to the previous year. Throughout 2021, consumers reported over $181.6 million in credit card fraud alone.  If you need any more reasons to protect your finances from fraud, here are nine truly disturbing stories that will make you

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Credit or Debit Card for a Teenager

Choosing Between a Credit or Debit Card for a Teenager Simplified

In a 2019 survey by EverFi, only 35% of students surveyed had taken a personal finance course. That leaves a big financial literacy gap for parents to fill.  By this point, you know teaching your teenager financial literacy has to be practiced to solidify lessons they’ll take into adulthood. Before heading into the real world,

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How To Build Business Credit Without Using Personal Credit

How To Build Business Credit Without Using Personal Credit

A major step in any business is finding financing and that’s difficult to do without having business credit. One problem many business owners face is building business credit when their personal credit score isn’t great.  Lenders look for good personal credit scores to lower their risk when lending to new businesses. It might take some

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How To Read A Credit Report

How To Read A Credit Report: The Complete Guide

Credit reports are usually very confusing to read! Our guide is the only one on the internet that breaks it down step-by-step. Thus making it easier for you to understand your credit report and use it to your advantage.  Each Credit Bureau’s Report Is Different At first glance, comparing your credit reports from the three

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Commercial Credit

The Ins and Outs of Commercial Credit

Understanding how to use commercial credit is essential for a small business’s long-term success. The access to additional capital from a commercial line of credit allows a business owner to maintain and expand the business even in periods of slower cash flow.  This article will cover what commercial credit is, how it works and how

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