The 19 Weirdest Things Sold Online

weird things sold online

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It’s no secret that you can buy almost anything on the internet. From gag gifts to creepy vintage to bizarre, there is some weird stuff out there. 

Some are for giggles. Some are for pranks. Some are for your growing collection of weird things. 

Whatever your reason for looking for weird things, here are 19 of our favorites right now!

1. Cheeseburger Backpack

Because who doesn’t want to wear a giant cheeseburger like a turtle shell? Fully loaded with lettuce and tomato and a high-class sesame seed bun! Keep your boring baggage, I was made to stand out!

No gluten-free options are available at this time.

2. Exploding Golf Balls Gag Gift

I’m imagining all the CEOs on a golf course and a disgruntled caddy changing out their golf balls. The looks on their faces when the balls keep exploding. Obviously, no one is that devious. But the scene in my head is fantastic!

3. Popcorn Scented Pillow

For the avid Popcorn lover. The movie theater addict. Or maybe that friend who is really into buttery goodness. Sleep surrounded by the golden smell of your favorite crispy snack. Your dreams will be poppin’.

4. Cast Iron Bat Door Knocker

This door knocker would determine the theme of my entire house! You can’t Farmhouse Chic without a vampire bat door knocker. Halloween all year round! I shall henceforth be known as the Gothic Green Witch. And little children will be both fascinated and terrified of me.

5. Wheat Thin Shaped As States

$10k for 4 states. Collect all 50! Not sure if the square one is Colorado or Wyoming. But who cares when you get to add this novelty to your collection of weird things? 

Though honestly, Nevada is looking kinda rough over there. Maybe you can talk them down to $9k. 

6. Hand Votive Candle Holder

I need it! It will go perfectly with my bat door knocker! In the international symbol for a spider, this polyresin hand will also create a cozy glow in your otherwise boring home. 

Also a great gift for your orthopedic hand surgeon.

7. Potato Chip Earrings

If Mrs. Frizzle did a lesson on fast food, these would be the earrings she would wear. I don’t know what it is about unusual everyday things hanging from earrings, but I like it. It’s fun and a conversation piece! 

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8. Bottle Of Air From Texas

Do you miss Texas? Apparently, the air is different there. It’s so valuable that a small plastic bottle will set you back 3 bucks. But I hear if you inhale it real fast, you get instant swagger. Cowboy boots and cowboy hat not included. 

9. Sheesh Button

Forget the Easy Button. We need the Sheesh Button. Got another useless email? Sheesh! Toddler throwing a tantrum? Sheesh. Your partner whispered something dirty in your ear? Sheeeeesh. 

10. No BS Zone

“Excuse me, sir. You and your BS can’t cross this line. Did you see the sign? Of course, there’s a sign. Please pay attention to your surroundings and follow the posted rules. Thank you.” 

Don’t worry, I’ll send the email to HR for you. 

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11. Mosquito/Fly Swatter Gun

Throw away the spatula-looking swatter and get yourself the swatter gun! What could possibly be more fun than hunting flies? The Fly Assassin is everything you didn’t know you always needed. In the words of the description: “Better. Faster. Funner.”

12. Hellfire and Brimstone Itching Powder

Someone put God’s wrath in a bottle and is profiting off the itching and burning that comes with it. Personally, I thought God’s wrath was more powerful than some itching, but maybe I made a poor assumption. Now, if it were lightning bolts…I would pay extra for the lightning bolts.

13. Baby Brass Knuckles

Gotta make sure your newborn is prepared for any fight. Available in a chrome or brass finish, your baby will always have the upper hand in daycare with these Baby Knucks. It’s a dangerous world out there. Don’t let your baby get caught without self-defense measures. 

14. Soap from 1962-ish

It’s vintage. It’s hygienic. What more could you ask for? It’s also unwrapped, yet surprisingly unused! Your soap collection will never be complete without it. Pairs nicely with a 1980s hairspray. 

15. Mummified Frogs, Lizards, and Bugs

Perfect for your Grissom from CSI costume. Or maybe you are into dead bugs. Maybe you just enjoy watching your mom scream about bugs. Here you go! Mummified frogs, lizards, and bugs! Exactly what you have been looking for!

16. A Casket Key

Not sure if this is for locking yourself in or keeping others out, but either way, you need it. You just can’t trust people these days. 

Or maybe you are the one we can’t trust buying a casket key off the internet! Leave my grandma alone!

17. Toilet Earrings

Continuing our theme of everyday things hanging for your earrings. 

Toilets. And not just any toilets. The vintage kind with the long pipe. The vintage look takes it from trashy to classy with minimal effort. 

I secretly hope the lids open.

18. Candy Cane Puzzle

Only the smartest people in the world can complete this highly complex and tasty puzzle. Exercise your brain and your tastebuds with this mind-bending challenge. 

Each puzzle is unique so you’ll never have the same pieces twice! 

Perfect for the annoyingly smart person in your family this holiday season. 

19. John Wayne Vintage Toilet Paper

The packaging says that it doesn’t take crap off anybody. It also claims to be “rough” and “tough”. Honestly, I feel like that’s bad advertising. 

Of course it’s unused! Who wants to use rough TP? It doesn’t matter how manly it is. 

Or maybe it’s encouraging the purchaser to preserve the item for its collectibility instead of its functionality. 

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