Author: Steve Rogers

What is a secured credit card

What Is a Secured Credit Card?

A secured credit card is a credit card that is secured by a deposit. You put down a refundable security deposit and the deposit becomes your credit limit. The security deposit reduces the credit card company’s risk, so these cards are available to people with no credit or bad credit.  Most secured card issuers report

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Is 670 a Good Credit Score?

A 670 credit score is “good”, according to the credit score company FICO®. Because the average FICO score is 711, this puts a credit score of 670 to be below average, but it can still get you qualified for a home loan, a car loan, and a variety of credit cards.  Before we go more

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Kikoff Review

Kikoff Review: A New Tool for Building Credit

If you’ve been looking for options to build your credit, you have probably heard of Kikoff. It doesn’t work like other credit builder loans. There are many products and services on the market designed to help a person with no credit or bad credit build a better credit record – we’ll dive into how Kikoff

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