Author: Nick Mann

Debit Card for Kids

Debit Card for Kids: Our Top 10 Picks

Teaching kids financial literacy from an early age is essential for equipping them with financial skills later in life. One of the best ways to do that is with a debit card for kids.  While the age of 13 is when a child officially becomes eligible for a joint checking account, many banks offer debit

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small business loans florida

Small Business Loans Florida: Our Favorite Programs

With an $800 billion economy and abundant opportunities, Florida is a state where many small businesses thrive.  Here are the best small business loans in Florida to help you get the funding you need.  The Top Florida Small Business Loans Small Business Loan Total Approval Count in 2022 Average Loan Size Maximum Loan Amount Payback

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Small Business Loans Texas

Small Business Loans Texas: Our Top 11 Picks

Texas was named the best state to start a business in 2020 and 2021, with cities like Laredo, Lubbock, Austin, Dallas, and Fort Worth being hotbeds of entrepreneurship.  Here’s our list of the 11 best small business loans in Texas based on approval count, average loan size, and other vital factors. The Top Texas Small

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Credit Cards for Bad Credit No Deposit

Credit Cards for Bad Credit [No Deposit Needed]

If you have bad credit, you’re not alone. About 16% of Americans have bad credit1, while only a tiny sliver have perfect credit at 1.2%.  And if you’re concerned about getting a credit card because of your situation, don’t worry.  There are several credit cards for bad credit, here are six that offer an unsecured

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Credit Repair El Paso

Credit Repair Companies in El Paso, Texas

About 34% of Americans have at least one error on their credit report, an issue that can lower your credit score and make it harder to get a low-interest loan from a lender1.  While credit restoration is something you can do on your own, many people choose to hire a credit repair service to assist

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Banks That Don’t Use ChexSystems

11 Banks That Don’t Use ChexSystems

ChexSystems is a consumer reporting agency that operates under the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).  Source: ChexSystems  It’s their job to collect information relating to closed checking and savings accounts where reports may include information on bounced or returned checks, overdrafts, and unpaid balances.  If you’ve had these types of issues in the past,

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Disputing ChexSystems

Disputing ChexSystems

ChexSystems is a bank reporting agency that tracks issues like returned or bounced checks, overdrafts, unpaid balances, and identity theft. So if you’ve ever had issues like these, you may have a ChexSystems report.  While this won’t affect your credit score, it can make opening a new bank account more difficult.  But what if you

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ChexSystems Report

How to Get Your ChexSystems Report Online

While having a ChexSystems record doesn’t directly affect your credit score, it can make it more difficult to open a new bank account.  And if you’ve ever had issues like a bounced or returned check, an overdraft, or unpaid fees, you may be listed in a ChexSystems report and not even know it.  To learn

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Ramp vs Brex

Ramp vs Brex: Which Is Better?

Our Verdict: Since Brex is no longer serving small business customers, Ramp is the better choice for small and medium-sized businesses.  Recently we wrote an article about the five best business credit cards for startups with no credit.  Two of the top cards on that list were Ramp and Brex.  For this post, we’ll take

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Credit Suite Reviews

Credit Suite Reviews – Is Credit Suite Legit?

Our Verdict: Credit Suite is a great buy for business owners looking to aggressively expand their business financing. The service isn’t cheap, but it’s packed with value. If you’re looking to build your business credit, no doubt you’ve heard of Credit Suite. They’re probably the biggest name in the business credit building industry. We’ve reviewed

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