Author: Faith Stewart

Trade Credit

Trade Credit: What It Is and How to Use It

Used properly, trade credit can help you run your small business, avoid cash flow problems, and build a strong business credit profile. As a result, it can even help you qualify for more business financing in the future. You can make purchases you need to without depleting cash because you do not have to make

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Secured Business Credit Cards That Report to D&B

5 Secured Business Credit Cards That Report to D&B

There aren’t very many secured business credit card options out there. Of those that exist, they don’t always report payments to Dun & Bradstreet. In fact, only 7% of companies that offer credit to businesses, including credit card issuers, actually report positive history. So, finding those that do isn’t easy.  In fact, one of the

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Net 60 Vendors

Net 60 Vendors to Help Your Business Grow

The easiest and fastest way to start building a strong business credit profile is with vendor credit. Typically, this will be a Net 30 account. Still, you will find some Net 60 vendors, and even some invoice payment terms of Net 90 and up. This is credit directly from the supplier or service provider rather

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