Author: Nick Gallo

Your Credit Karma Score vs Your Actual Score

Is Your Credit Karma Score Your “Actual Score?”

Credit Karma gives you a free copy of your credit score just for signing up, but it isn’t necessarily the same score that your future lenders will use. You might be wondering about your  Credit Karma score vs. your actual score.  What we’re about to show is that, in fact, the score that Credit Karma

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Best Investment Opportunities for Accredited Investors

Best Investment Opportunities for Accredited Investors in 2023

Accredited investors typically have either $200,000 in annual income or $1 million in net worth. As a result, they have greater financial resilience than the average consumer and gain access to additional investments and alternative platforms. Let’s explore some of the best investment opportunities for accredited investors in 2023. The Best Investment Opportunities for Accredited

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net 30 accounts

22 Net 30 Accounts for New Businesses [Updated for 2023]

These net 30 accounts help you build business credit.  Net 30 accounts are a form of business credit that lets you pay off your invoices 30 days after your initial purchase. A net 30 vendor may report your account usage to the major commercial credit bureaus, helping you build business credit. We’ve compiled the most

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Business credit builder

The 7 Best Business Credit Builder Programs in 2023

There are much fewer companies that help you build business credit than there are for building personal credit.  That’s why we compiled this list of the seven best business credit builder programs in 2023.  The Best Business Credit Builder Programs To build good business credit, you need both vendor and financial tradelines. In simple terms,

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Tier 2 Business Credit Vendors

Tier 2 Business Credit Vendors

Whether you’re building personal credit or business credit, you have to follow a specific account progression. Generally, you target attainable ones with less favorable terms first, then work your way up to the more restrictive ones with better rewards. If you’re building business credit, Tier 2 business credit vendors are the second rung on that

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Nav Review

Nav Review – Is it Legit?

In simple terms, Nav is a financial tech company that helps small businesses get the financing they need. Their official mission is “to reduce the death rate of small businesses.”  To accomplish that goal, Nav gives business owners insight into their various credit scores, helps organize their finances, and directs them to lenders that might

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Credit Card Alternatives

The Best Credit Card Alternatives in 2023

Credit cards fulfill three primary functions: facilitating transactions, building credit, and providing a revolving credit account. The best credit cards also generate rewards that you can use to discount your purchases. For those who can’t get a credit card or don’t want one, we’ve put together a list of credit card alternatives that fulfill those

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How To Prepare For The Recession

How to Prepare for the Recession in 2023

Economic recession often correlates with weaker job security, lower investment returns, and diminished consumer purchasing power. As a result, it can have significant implications for your personal finances. Fortunately, you can insulate yourself from the worst effects and turn this period into an opportunity with the right preparation. If you’re concerned about current economic trends,

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Best Alternative Investment Platforms

Best Alternative Investment Platforms in 2023

Alternative investment platforms can help you diversify your portfolio into asset classes beyond the traditional stocks and bonds. That can be especially beneficial during turbulent economic conditions and stock market downturns. To help you understand your options, let’s explore some of the best alternative investment platforms in 2022. Best Alternative Investment Platforms Compared Platform Costs

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